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Bitwig 8-Track FULL

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Hinzugefügt am: 19.11.15 [DJ-Harder]
Lizenz: ]]>Free lizenz]]>
Sprache: German / English
Plattform: Win / MAC
Größe: 530 MB

Bitwig 8-Track
The Compact Edition of Next Generation Workflow

Bitwig 8-Track, the trim and effective digital audio workstation to start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro. 8-Track includes the entire collection of Bitwig Studio devices for use on up to eight project tracks with audio or MIDI. Also included, the Bitwig Essentials Package, a versatile selection of presets and sounds handpicked from the flagship Bitwig Studio Library. Connect your controller, record your instrument, produce simple arrangements, design new sounds, or just jam.

Record and arrange, improvise and perform, or do it all at once. Choose between several display profiles. Design your own sounds with dedicated container devices. Combine built-in instruments, effects, and VST plug-ins. Bitwig 8-Track’s unified mapping system allows you to modulate any device or VST parameter using macro controls and modulator devices. Explore a new world of creative possibilities, including audio and note expressions, histogram-based value editing, layered editing, extensive bounce-in-place functions, automatic slicing, smart controller integration, and the Open Controller Scripting API. Every feature in Bitwig 8-Track is developed by musicians, for musicians.

Bitwig 8-Track is the sketch pad for your musical ideas featuring the acclaimed workflow of
Bitwig Studio.

Serial included !

This DAW are for free use , but of your own risk !

(Hinweis : Dies ist ein kostenloser Download und wurde vom BLACK I.P STUDIO MUSIC / NET-LABEL zu Testzwecken zur Verfügung gestellt!)
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