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Skinny Puppy / Album "Handover"
Neues Skinny Puppy Album "Handover"

Das neue Skinny Puppy Album "Handover" wird Ende Oktober erscheinen.
Genauer Termin ist der 25.10. (USA) bzw. der 28.10. in Europa.
Uns liegt ausserdem bereits eine Tracklist vor:

  • 01. ovirt
  • 02. cullorblind
  • 03. wavy
  • 04. ashas
  • 05. gambatte
  • 06. icktums
  • 07. point
  • 08. brownstone
  • 09. vyrisus
  • 10. village
  • 11. noisex

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Hörproben :

Bearbeitet von DJ-Harder am 23-05-2017 08:27
Interview mit Ogre von Skinny Puppy zum neuen Album !

Orginal-Text von :

Veteran Vancouver-bred, LA-based industrial-electronic band Skinny Puppy are on the cusp of releasing their 11th studio album, the dark, twisted nightmare known as HANDOVER. In an exclusive audio interview with yours truly that you´ll find past the jump, the inimitable Ogre tells us what fans can expect from both the new disc and the impending tour.

Once again, composer cEvin Key and vocalist/lyricist and sometime horror-film actor Nivek Ogre have created a grim, challenging, experimental and yet very danceable effort that sits proudly beside the best of their work and in more than a few ways progresses and improves upon it. Click below to learn more:

Hier das Orginal Interview mit Ogre von Skinny Puppy

Bearbeitet von DJ-Harder am 23-05-2017 08:31
Wer vorab ein mal einen kostelosen Track von dem Album Downloaden möchte hier dazu der
Orginal-Text :

On the heels of their 14th release, Skinny Puppy remain one of the most important and relevant acts in electronic/industrial music. Known as much for their genre-defining sound as for the conviction behind their album concepts, the group stays true to form with their upcoming release, revealing a brazen commentary on today's political landscape. Always willing to speak up for the oppressed, Skinny Puppy are revered in the animal rights world for their 1988 album, VIVIsectVI, which brings to light the cruelty of animal testing.

zum Download ( wie lange der Download zur Verfügung sein wird, steht leider nicht bei ) : hier lang ! ...

und wer zum Release ein paar Videos ansehen möchte hier lang !

Hardy Cool Peace Cool2
Bearbeitet von DJ-Harder am 23-05-2017 08:32
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