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Interview ± The Violen[t] Vocation[s] ±
Interview mit Ruud Dressen (EBM-INDUSTRIAL.NL) !

Featuring thanks ± DJ Harder ±, RazorSmiles and Tanaros from ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± Interview by Ruud Dreessen aka 28-03-2010 12:38

01- For the first question will be - Thanks ± DJ Harder ±, RazorSmiles and Tanaros that you have found time to give answers to these questions,How are you doing?

We are fine, thank you.

02-Hello ± DJ Harder ±, RazorSmiles and Tanaros what noise do you make in ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ±?

We make a mix of EBM and Dark Electro. It´s important for us that our music is dark, not only danceable.

03-How's the start of 2010 been for you thus far?

It was a good start for us, we released our new album and got very nice feedback for it.

04-do you know the netherland?

Of course we know it, it´s not far away from us.

05-For a lot of people, this is probably going to be their first full introduction to ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± so how about you tell us a little bit about how you guys know each other and how the band came together?

± DJ Harder ± (Udo M.) and RazorSmiles (Ramon F.) know each for a long time. Tanaros (Jan R.) joined ± The Violen[t] Vocation[s] ± when he met ± DJ Harder ± at myspace. Sunstorm (Sandra G.) is a guestmember for female vocals, but she is no permament member.

06- Do you follow the electronic music Electro / Indie / Industrial , do you have any other favourite bands?

± DJ Harder ± : Skinny Puppy ,Frontline Assembly ,The Klinik ,Click Click .

RazorSmiles : Suicide Commando ,G.G.F.A. .

Tanaros : :Wumpscut: , X-Fusion , E.I.D .

07-How is your relationship with other electronic bands?

We have some good contacts with electronic bands, also with some famous bands like : Wynardtage , Halo Effect , reAdust etc.

08- Can you give us a brief run-through of ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± story so far?

This project evolved from 3 different projects : ± DJ Harder ± , Beton-Brand and Tanaros.While sharing the same music interest we decide to do something togehter.

09- How did you start to make music and what is Gothic for you?

± DJ Harder ± : He did music since he is 12 and plays guitars in differnt bands.

RazorSmiles : He started making music by helping ± DJ Harder ± and sharing his ideas.

Tanaros : He started while expermenting with software 4 years ago.

10-What did you guys do for a living before ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ±?

± DJ Harder ± did the band "TreUloS" but the group splits and he decided to make his solo project "± DJ Harder ±" . RazorSmiles did "Beton-Brand" with ± DJ Harder ± . Tanaros did his project "Tanaros" ans some side projects like "Broken Logic".

11- When did you form ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ±? What inspired you to make music together?

± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± was formed in september 2008. We make music together because we share the same musical vision.

12- What are your top ten favorite Electro / Indie / Industrial Club Songs of all time? Who are you influenced by? What would you consider your favorite cd's?

Not listed in a special way.

1.Skinny Puppy - Assimilate , 2. Frontline Assembly - Virus , 3. Click Click - Sweet Stuff , 4. Suicide Commando - Dein Herz, meine Gier , 5. G.G.F.A. - Real , 6. :Wumpscut: - Soylent Green (German Version) , 7. X-Fusion - C´mon Devil , 8. E.I.D - Bannkreis , 9. The Klinik - Sick in your mind , 10. The Neon Judgement - Sweet Revenge.

We are influenced by our favourite bands.

13- What are the future plans for ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ±?

Making more and better songs.

14- Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations?

We have our own private label : BLACK I.P STUDIO !

15-What are you currently listening to on your MP3 player?

± DJ Harder ± listens mostly to our demo songs on his MP3 Player.

16- By the way do you like my questions? tell me what you think about it!

Yes, they are quite good.

17- What is the main idea, the message you want to leave to people who listens to you? What is your motto?

We want that the people open theirs more. "Music is the movie in the mind of the listener".

18- What's the name of your band? where did the name come from? or what's the story behind the band name?

± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± it just fits the sound and the music.

19-If people don't know what you and your music are about, how would you describe ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ±?

Dark and scary electronic music !

20- :W:OMB'S:CUT: where did the concept come from? and whats planned now that your album is finished? or anything else you're working on? Tell me why this title,:W:OMB'S:CUT: Tell us a few words about the concept of this?

It was a fun idea of ± DJ Harder ± and Tanaros because the music of :Wumpscut: get so bad over the years. It´s a kind of a provocation to Rudy R. . We are also working on some new songs !

21- Some quick fire questions: gitar or synthesizer?


22-band or solo

Both have their advantages ...

23-How is the current promotional tour going for supporting this album?

We have worldwide "Radio Specials" for this album and DJ´s will get this CD, too.

24- What do you think of a modern Gothic and about Electro / Indie / Industrial scene?

It was better once ...

25- What's your favourite track of yours?

From our actual CD : ± DJ Harder ± : Violen(t) Memories , RazorSmiles : Violen(t) Me(at) , Tanaros : :W:OMB`S:CUT:

26-What and who gets you excited about music today?

± DJ Harder ± : He likes Oldschool . RazorSmiles : It´s deletable . Tanaros : Dark Stuff with not much techno influence.

27-Our usual question - what is music for you?

It´s our life !!!

28- What was your best live experience so far?

We don´t play live until now. Who knows, maybe it will change ...

29- Please list the name, age, school, and respective instrument of each band member

± DJ Harder ± (Udo M.) : 43 years old , synthesizer , guitar , sampling , programming and vocals.

RazorSmiles (Ramon F.) : 35 years old , lyrics and ideas.

Tanaros (Jan R.) : 21 years old , lyrics and vocals.

30-What are your views on the current state of this Electro / Indie / Industrial scene in Germany .in terms of creativity and audiences? And the scene in other countries?

In germany it´s kinda bad but much creativity these days. In other countrys it´s a bit better in mexico or canada ...

31- you have very nice numbers` tell me about lyrical compositions what you can tell about the done work? How does your music creation process work? How do you create a song?

We allways make the instrumental first and after it we decide to do some lyrics. The lyrics are mostly about terrible things that happend in this world. Something real, something fictional.

32-What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

We would say it´s "Dark Electro". Our major influences are songs we like to listen to.

33-Since the music industry is more open now to purely electronic music has this made things easier for you?

Not really ...

34-So what are their main influences as a band at the moment?

OLD :Wumpscut: in the 90`s .

35-What is currently inspiring your material as an artist? tell me all about the Electro / Indie / Industrial scene of Germany?

It´s inspiring to make something different than all this other bands. We don´t like the scene that much.

36-Do you think that people from the music press didn't expect you to grow up musically?

We don´t think so. The music press likes our work until now.

37-what is the key to making music from ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± and what inspires you to keep growing as a musician?

We want to produce the perfect record !

38-How do you see the future of download / Copyright in area of goth-Electro / Indie / Industrial music ? What are the best ways to develop it in your mind ?

"Copying kills music" !

39-what was your childhood like?

We all had a normal childhood, nothing special.

40-If there was one thing you want people to know about your band what would that be?

We are the alternative to the other mainstream crap bands.

41-Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here ??

We are planning some new stuff, but it´s nothing offical yet.

42-It has been a pleasure to interview you on your musical activity,Well,any last words to your ebm-industrial fans?

We hope you like our music. Have fun with it and give us your support.

43-and what is next on Germany agenda?

Some more rainy days ...

44-How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

you can find here ....

45-How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

It´s getting better every time, since the beginning. We have more ideas now and a goal in your mind.

46-How is the new line-up working out?

It´s working out good, we won´t change it. Also Sunstorm will make some guest appearonces,too.

47-And, finally, what does the next twelve months hold for the band?

We are working on new songs of course.

48-Any last words?

A big thank you, to all our fans and friend´s ! Keep on the good support.

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