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Every Vinyl/CD Mastering includes FREE all tracks Digital/Flac/Mp3 ready for Your promotion and digital upload to your Music STORES !

In whatever your audio-data / quality are should be, read at first here !

Audiomastering 1 track: 25,00 €

7" vinyl Master 45rpm(A+Bside)+ timecodelist: 100,00 €
7" vinyl Master 33rpm(A+Bside)+ timecodelist: 120,00 €
10" vinyl Master 45rpm(A+Bside)+ timecodelist: 130,00 €
10" vinyl Master 33rpm(A+Bside)+ timecodelist: 150,00 €
12" DJ vinyl Master 45rpm(A+Bside)+ timecodelist: 150,00 €
12" LP vinyl Master 33rpm(A+Bside)+ timecodelist: 180,00 €
DIGITAL files with metadata from Vinyl Master: 25 €

Digital audiomaster for onlinestores up to 21 min: 100,00 €
Digital audiomaster for onlinestores up to 40 min: 150,00 €
Digital audiomaster for onlinestores up to 78 min: 200,00 €
(audiomastering* + files delivered as seperate tracks with metadata)

DDP Master* (for duplication) - Cd Single up to 21 min + timecodelist + DDP file: 120,00 €
DDP Master* - Cd EP up to 40 min + timecodelist + DDP file: 170,00 €
DDP Master* - Cd Album up to 78 min + timecodelist + DDP file: 220,00 €
(DDP/audio Mastering* includes all! > DDP file for manufacturing with md5errorcheck + mp3/flac album (for press promotion),
Digital Album for online stores(with data and pauzes) incl.isrc, cd text and timecodesheets))
STEM Master - mixing multitrack to masterfile : 50 €


Remastering/Upgrade excisting Album: 150,00 €


Analog Hi-end outboard (Inserted in the masterchain to give your tracks the Analog touch: 100,00 €
(Universal Audio 192khz convertors, Manley, Thermionic, Fairman)
You made a cdr with your tracks without timesheets or not realy shure it is a aproved master for pressing?

Studiowork: Dat-Adat converting to digital, Real to Real tapes to digital, Audio editing, Denoising, : 50 €


Sending to one adress in Germany FREE
Please supply a PREMASTER as digital image (DDP-image-format).
or Send A premaster CD with pqlist to us.

You only have the songs as aiff or wav files? but not a premaster? Prodam makes a DDP master from your wav-Aiffs, for 50 €
(convert WAV-AIFF to ddp master,levelcontrol, trackorder, inserting isrc, catalognumber and cd text)
(option Audiomastering**)
** PRO audiomastering by order discs: 200 € / full cd,

Deliverytime: standard: 14 workingdays,
re delivery to one address in Germany! Sending to one adress in Belgium 40 €. (ask depents on weight!) Payment: prepayment
we need a copyright declaration from (GEMA -Sabam, other .. ) from you to print the discs.

contact for your personal priceoffer, other packaging or quantitys


upload your data via WeTransfer at the following address :

* we treat your data confidentially. For any questions we are personally available.

*audiomastering = trackorder, multibandcompression, enhancing, fine-eq, loudnesscontrol, maximizing levels, metadata, pq codes, pauzes-fades, isrc codes and qualitycontrol.

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